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From Mikes Mobile Valeting 
Based in Teignmouth

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Experience the very best in vehicle valeting

From Mikes Mobile Valeting

Does your vehicle need a makeover?
Whether it is your private car or a van from your business fleet we are here to help. With services available within a 50-mile radius of Teignmouth we can come to your home, business or place of work and make your vehicle shine like never before.

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Mini valet

With a mini vehicle valet, we will cover all the basic of your vehicle cleaning, both inside and out. Your vehicle's exterior will be washed and cleaned to remove any dirt as well as your wheels and tyres.
We will vacuum your vehicles interior and remove any litter. Your vehicles dashboard will also be wiped down to remove any surface dust and dirt whilst leaving it smelling great

Full valet

Our mobile full car valet is a premium service and will take a much lengthier time to complete as opposed to our mini valet. However, once you have had it completed, you will understand why it is more than worth the time and money spent on it.

The exterior of your vehicle will be completely cleaned by hand washing to remove any dirt. A wax and polish will be completed once your vehicle has been dried to ensure your paintwork is protected. 
Your vehicle's wheels and tyres will be cleaned as well as any additional trim including chrome, plastic and glass.

The entire interior of your vehicle will be vacuumed and cleaned from bonnet to boot. Deep cleaning of your vehicles upholstery and mats and treatment of leather as applicable. 
We will sanitise your vehicle's dash and console leaving everything smelling fresh.

Depending on your vehicle, the length of time required and associated costs may vary.


Washing the Car Interior

We have various different packages available. For loyal, repeat customers we offer customised packages with fixed prices. Contact us for more information.

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Mikes Mobile Valeting

For all your domestic and commercial vehicle valeting within a 50-mile radius of Teignmouth.

Call: 07868 394502

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